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Hello LIFE friends! Because of your interest in life-long learning, we have completed another year presenting great opportunities to enhance our knowledge and experience. Between September 2018 and June 2019, LIFE offered 115 one-time classes to an average of 27 attendees, several continuing classes, 3 movies, and 28 trips. We celebrated with a Fall Harvest Dinner and a talk on the USS Ward. We established classes at the celebrated Mayo High School Planetarium. We learned about coffee, medical 3D printing, lots of animals, and pencils. Without paying airfare, we travelled to exotic places like Africa, Suriname, Greece, the Panama Canal, and the moon. History buffs enjoyed many popular classes.

We continued to hear from our favorite instructors; many relate they are thrilled to return to us at LIFE. So you know all this stuff! Attendance is increasing each year. Keeping everyone informed about LIFE by advertising is expensive. We do the best we can by making catalogs and trifolds available, but we know they aren’t getting to everyone. SO, YOU are out best advertising! Bring a friend, neighbor, family member! Many of our evaluations read, “This is my first class and I loved it!” Remember, the first class is free. We also offer grants to people to whom the cost might be prohibitive. Just call the office. 

This year we extended our profound thanks to four Board Members: Brenda Dicken, Pat Farrell, Carol Kamper, and Darlene Kelly. As they leave the Board, we know we will see them frequently at classes. We also welcomed two new members, Peg Farrell and Maureen Plitzuweit; and two returning members, Steve Frytak and Tom Gaffey. Grab a cup of coffee, take your new catalog to a comfy chair and decide what classes pique your interest. We look forward to seeing you and your friends!

Pamela Haase,
LIFE Board Chair


LIFE Advisory Board Members

The LIFE Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 3 pm in H1305. Call any board member listed below or RCTC Continuing Education at 280-3157.

LIFE Advisory Officers

  • Pamela Haase, Chair
  • Julie Stenehjem, Vice Chair
  • Frank Iossi, Secretary

Additional Board Members

  • Colleen Arnold
  • Janet Bartz
  • Jane Callahan
  • Peg Farrell
  • Steve Frytak
  • Tom Gaffey
  • Jane Hallman
  • Judy Haugen
  • Chad Israelson
  • Walt Menning
  • Judy Pease
  • Maureen Plitzweit
  • Pixy Russell
  • Chuck Stupca
  • Steve Troutman
  • Bill Wiktor
  • Mary Wilson

RCTC Senior Program Director

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