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Welcome Back to the ‘WE’ Generation!


I always enjoy the LIFE board meetings. Inevitably we will start discussing how to improve the program. Last fall we met with the Visitor and Convention Center folks to explain how easy it would be for visitors to the city to participate in the LIFE program. I was struck at that time by all the conveniences we provide. Our full offerings are on the Internet. Parking is now plentiful and free.

The building can be hard to navigate but LIFE always has posters up to guide people to the classroom. Our permanent classroom is near the bathrooms
and the cafeteria.

At the last board meeting, member Darlene Kelly brought up issues regarding our catalogue. In true LIFE fashion, people jumped in with ideas to make the catalogue easier to use. The classes are now presented in chronological order to make it easier to do your own calendar planning. For those who like the categories, the table of contents still groups the classes according to subject matter. And each class page has the category at the top. Another new feature is that the page number of the class/trip is printed on the pull out calendars.

So now there will be a lot less need to “hunt and peck” while filling out your class schedule. This is truly “our” program and we who participate can continue to change it to meet our vision of the perfect LIFE program.

And don’t forget the special programs for our 25th Anniversary Celebration this spring. On April 17th we have a free midday event with author/musician Doug Wood. And on June 7 we will timetravel back to the 50’s for a special event. So don’t be square, be there and keep it cool, you hepcat!

Jane Callahan, LIFE Chair

LIFE Advisory Board Members

The LIFE Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 3 pm in HA112. Call any board member listed below or RCTC Continuing Education at 280-3157

LIFE Advisory Officers

  • Jane Callahan, Chair
  • Brenda dicken, Vice Chair
  • Colleen Arnold, Secretary

Additional Board Members

  • Colleen Arnold
  • Janet Bartz
  • Jane Callahan
  • Brenda Dicken
  • Pat Farrell
  • Pamela Haase 
  • Jane Hallman
  • Judy Haugen
  • Frank Iossi
  • Chad Israelson
  • Carol Kamper
  • Darlene Kelly
  • Walt Menning
  • Judy Pease
  • Pixy Russell
  • Julie Stenehjem
  • Chuck Stupca
  • Steve Troutman
  • Bill Wiktor
  • Mary Wilson

RCTC Senior Program Director

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