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With two LIFE Advisory Board terms and one year as President coming to an end, I marvel at the progress our program has made. LIFE continues to provide classes and day trips of high quality and interest which contributes to our pattern of growth. Of course, LIFE as we know it, is due both to the endless energy and administrative skills of our director, Chrisanne Pieper, and to the efforts and dedication of our volunteer Advisory Board. thank you to outgoing Board Members Carol Kamper, Darlene Kelly, and Pat Farrell. Great work guys and gals and a BIG thank you on behalf of our membership!

Looking ahead to Fall, I cannot wait to sign up for classes as diverse as Prohibition, Japanese Foreign Policy, The Homeless, Beekeeping, Immunization, the French Revolution and more. Adding in Fall trips, a movie and a Harvest dinner Party means LIFE is GOOD. So, gather up your friends and join the LIFE community for some schooling and socializing

Brenda Dicken, LIFE Board Chair

LIFE Advisory Board Members

The LIFE Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 3 pm in HA112. Call any board member listed below or RCTC Continuing Education at 280-3157

LIFE Advisory Officers

  • Brenda Dicken, Chair
  • Pamela Haase, Vice Chair
  • Frank Iossi, Secretary

Additional Board Members

  • Colleen Arnold
  • Janet Bartz
  • Jane Callahan
  • Pat Farrell
  • Jane Hallman
  • Judy Haugen
  • Chad Israelson
  • Carol Kamper
  • Darlene Kelly
  • Walt Menning
  • Judy Pease
  • Pixy Russell
  • Julie Stenehjem
  • Chuck Stupca
  • Steve Troutman
  • Bill Wiktor
  • Mary Wilson

RCTC Senior Program Director

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8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Central Time
(507) 280-3157

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