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Welcome to the November/December Catalogue!  For many of us this is a busy time of year.  Between Thanksgiving and religious holidays and New Year’s, there is plenty to do. I am busy with menu planning and gift planning and decorating.  It’s great to have friends in and to do things with family.  

But I always sign up for some of LIFE’s classes as well.  It provides me with a time to sit and think about other things for a while in my busy week.  A good lecture can transport you to another time and place.  And I always love learning new things.  The world is full of wonders waiting to be discovered.  

I also enjoy that some of the lectures deal with the holidays themselves.  Learning more about the origins of Thanksgiving or the music of Christmas is fun for me during this time of year.  But like singing a Christmas Carol, I really prefer to take such classes during these two months.  It a seasonal thing.  So take a look at all the offerings in the course catalogue for these two months.  

 I am certain there will be several that appeal to you.  I know I will make time for many of them.  Alongside the hectic holiday planning.

See you in class!                                                          

Jane Callahan, LIFE Advisory Board Chair, 2023-24

Jane Callahan


LIFE Advisory Board Members
The LIFE Board meets once per month, August thru June.  Call any board member listed below or RCTC Continuing Education at 280-3157 for more information.

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  • Martha Batzner, Secretary

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Tom Gaffey
Pamela Haase
Jane Hallman
Debby Jacobsen
Phil Karsell
Sharon Melvin
Randy Nelson
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